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Our Services


With 400 native gardens designed and built over the past 2 decades, we have fine-tuned our experience with:

  • Site evaluation
  • Design
  • Native plant care & horticulture
  • Water efficient irrigation
  • Plant palette selection
  • Hardscape (flagstone, pavers, bricks, stone, boulders etc.)


For your design fee you will receive a planting plan, plant list and the opportunity to sign a garden installation contract for Middlebrook Gardens to build out the plan for you. We give you a detailed estimate of your garden options so you can decide on the final garden features. Every garden installation contract includes a warranty and maintenance period. We guarantee our plants and our craftsmanship. The maintenance period includes a regular visit for a 3-month period by our gardeners to focus on needed tasks of your garden or to train you to take care of certain areas.


Some of the garden features we specialize in:

  1. Converting any garden site to a Low Impact Design native garden
  2. Eradicating invasive species
  3. Instruction in self-maintenance and land stewardship
  4. Capturing all downspout water and diverting from storm drains via designing bioswales, dry creek, or rain barrels
  5. Designing your own conventional food production that compliments your native garden
  6. Helping you set up a zero waste home garden, including composting, vermiculture and soil building
  7. We specialize in working with some of our most talented local artists to create and install unique one of a kind garden pieces, like fountains, birdbaths, gates, stepping stones, containers and wall pieces
  8. Consultation on the design and implementation of advanced ecological services such as grey water systems, constructed wetlands, living roofs etc.